Nancy Mayans is an Acting Coach and Voice and Speech Specialist, providing professional training for Television, Stage and Film. An Energy Healer as well, she is the creator of the Mayans Method™ which gives the actor essential energetic tools to enhance confidence, sharpen performance skills, and create a more powerful presence.

Nancy trains actors at all stages of their development, ranging from the inexperienced actor preparing his first audition to the accomplished professional shaping her feature film role. Many clients come to Nancy because of her multiple skills and services. Consulting with one trusted coach, who oversees an audition or performance from an acting, vocal and "energetic" point of view, leads efficiently to a more dynamic and integrated performance.

Nancy values a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that allows the actor to safely explore and evolve his creative gifts.

Coaching for the Actor 
Deepen your emotional connection to the material 
Choose dynamic and specific actions
Shape the role into an exciting journey that honors the text
Voice & Dialects Training 
Find an open, vibrant sound for both Singing and Speaking 
Handle dialects and classical text with ease
Blend the acting and vocal work into an integrated performance
The Mayans Method
Energy Training for the Actor
Access profound emotion on cue  
Ground, center and focus at will
Radiate confidence
Change the aura for different characters
Create exciting work opportunities
Energy Healing
Clear and balance your Energy Field to experience innate joy, vibrant health and creative freedom.